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Message from our Founder




While growing up in India, I took delight in the creative convergence of Indian culture and art. Inclined to align with this creative landscape, I designed my successful fashion label that focused on showcasing the beauty that lies within traditional Indian clothing. Following my work as a designer, my career transitioned into the world of media entertainment. As an actor and television show host on the primary Indian network Star Plus, I connected with and shared the stories of hundreds of people from all over India.


Nearly twenty years ago, I founded the Singapore-based company Phi-Events. Throughout the years, Phi Events has brought concerts, plays, exhibitions and several other large-scale events to Singapore, primarily focusing on Indian culture to the international community. Likewise, my project, Behind the Canvas, the several-part interview series with the masters of Indian art, has deepened my connection to Indian art and artists. Amassing thousands of views, the series reveals a more personal side to the artists behind the artistic creations that we earnestly admire.


As a result of my decades in the world of art and entertainment, the art event Kala Sutra was born. It was the fruition of my enterprise in the world of art and entertainment. Previous editions of Kala Sutra have featured art from eminent names in Indian art, including M. F. Hussain and S. H. Raza. In addition, with the presence of the most distinguished masters of Indian art like F.N Souza, Paresh Maity, Jogen Das, Thota Vaikuntam, Neeraj Goswami, and many more, Kala Sutra has created a new landscape for Indian art in Singapore. 

Join us and indulge in an immersive cultural experience.



Ritika Khattar 

About the

Setting the stage for excellence, PHI events is a Singapore-based event management company founded by Ritika Khattar in 2004. We add value and meaning to the event experience by arranging specialised programs that entertain, enrich, and excite our attendees.

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Singapore is a melting pot of cultures coexisting in one sociable space, and this cultural heritage is an integral part of Singapore's identity. I've made Singapore my home away from home for the last fifteen years, building a new life and raising a family. My childhood and formative years were spent living and experiencing the diverse cultures across the length and breadth of India.

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